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February 04, 2022 New

Bid Express ( Product Updates: New Roads is the collective name of a series of major updates that InfoTech will be rolling out to Bid Express at over the next several years. The goal of these updates is simple: make it easier for contractors to find work. You are encouraged to go to the New Roads site using the link to learn about the new product updates. Click here for details

June 25, 2021 New

Over the next year, Caltrans will be incorporating an additional AASHTOWare module in the production and advertisement of construction contract documents. During this transition to the new system, you will notice variations to the bid item list in the Notice to Bidders and Special Provisions, addendum letters, and the Electronic Bid Book (.ebsx file).  See update 6/25/2021 in the Electronic Bidding Guide or click the link below to see updates:

Click here for examples of variation details

February 17, 2021

Caltrans is maintaining the current schedule for contracts bid opening this week. As the impacts of COVID-19 are dynamic, the Department will evaluate future Bid Openings on a weekly basis. The Department will update this message as the situation warrants.

NEW UPDATES April 01, 2020:  Caltrans Construction Operations During COVID-19  

Caltrans electronic bidding provides flexibility to you. In case of an emergency due to natural circumstances causing electrical shut off or if you are simply away from your machine for any reason and need to submit your bid, the Digital ID for Project Bids can be distributed across several machines. You will be able to submit your project bids from the location of your choosing. Additionally, all projects are advertised for three to seven weeks and bids can be submitted and resubmitted at anytime prior to bid opening.

To submit your bids from any of these machines at any time, the Digital ID for Project Bids would need be imported into the AASHTOWare Project Bids Bid software by following below steps:

  • Open AASHTOWare Project Bids Bid

  • Navigate to Tools > Manage Digital IDs

  • Click the green + sign on the righthand side

  • Find the digital ID.cer file on the machine

  • Enter the Digital ID and password

  • The Digital ID should now be successfully imported

  • Check the Digital ID under Tools> Manage Digital IDs where it should be listed

Click link for additional set up details.

April 26, 2019 09:43 AM PDT

We are enhancing Caltrans website to comply with ADA requirements.

What's New?

What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
04-2A9704 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
03-2H4504 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
04-2K8104 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
04-2J9504 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
07-333004 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
07-320104 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
04-0K0704 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
07-306514 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
04-3K4204 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
08-1H2004 Letting Made Available 08/08/2022
07-316004_0908 1 - 07-316004 Amendment Loaded 08/08/2022
07-342804 1 - 07-342804 Amendment Loaded 08/08/2022
03-4H5814 1 - 03-4H5814 Amendment Loaded 08/05/2022
12-0P69U4 1 - 12-0P69U4 Proposal Withdrawn 08/05/2022
03-2J7904 1 - 03-2J7904 Proposal Withdrawn 08/05/2022
05-1H8104 1 - 05-1H8104 Proposal Deleted 08/04/2022
05-0C7324_0810 1 - 05-0C7324 Amendment Loaded 08/04/2022
06-0X7604 1 - 06-0X7604 Amendment Loaded 08/03/2022
07-332004_0810 1 - 07-332004 Amendment Loaded 08/03/2022
04-4J9404 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
05-1K0704 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
12-0R1904 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
06-0W15V4 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
10-1E6104 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
06-0X0804 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
08-1G2804 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
06-1E2104 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
12-0R4104 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
04-4J9504 Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
Letting Made Available 08/01/2022
07-337804_0809 New Letting Created 08/01/2022
1 - 07-337804 Proposal Postponed 08/01/2022
1 - 07-337804 Amendment Loaded 08/01/2022
04-0K0804_0809 New Letting Created 08/01/2022
1 - 04-0K0804 Proposal Postponed 08/01/2022
1 - 04-0K0804 Amendment Loaded 08/01/2022
(36 Activities)
What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
01-0F5104 1 - 01-0F5104 Amendment Loaded 07/29/2022
12-0R1504 1 - 12-0R1504 Amendment Loaded 07/28/2022
01-0F5104 1 - 01-0F5104 Amendment Loaded 07/28/2022
08-1N0704_0804 1 - 08-1N0704 Amendment Loaded 07/28/2022
04-2K8004 1 - 04-2K8004 Amendment Loaded 07/28/2022
07-337804 1 - 07-337804 Amendment Loaded 07/28/2022
11-4C0014 1 - 11-4C0014 Amendment Loaded 07/27/2022
05-0C7324_0810 New Letting Created 07/26/2022
1 - 05-0C7324 Proposal Postponed 07/26/2022
1 - 05-0C7324 Amendment Loaded 07/26/2022
07-331804_0803 1 - 07-331804 Amendment Loaded 07/26/2022
04-0K0804_0802 New Letting Created 07/26/2022
1 - 04-0K0804 Proposal Postponed 07/26/2022
1 - 04-0K0804 Amendment Loaded 07/26/2022
(14 Activities) More... Searching...


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